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您好; What that means:这意味着什么 what does that mean?:那是什么意思? 希望对您有所帮助。

后面一个对的拉 前面那个是口语上的连读 只是音可以在非正式场合这么发 但没这种写法

You know what that means, asshole. 你知道那意味着什么,混蛋。

What is that mean 那是什么意思 双语对照 例句: 1. What is that mean, deal with it? 处理是什么意思?

What does that mean?与What is that meaning?意思一样

柯林斯英汉双解大词典 raccoon /rəˈkuːn/ (also racoon) ( raccoon ) 1. N-COUNT A raccoon is a small animal that has dark-coloured fur with white stripes on its face and on its long tail. Raccoons live in forests in ...

no regress do you know what that means. when the waking come i know i feel alive 你知道那意味着什么吗。当我醒来的时候,我知道我还活着

这是一个特殊疑问句,句子主语是that sign,是第三人称单数,所以当然用does,而不能用do了。

那个标志啥意思? What does that sign mean? Teaching Aims 教学目标 1. The new word 新单词: a sign no mobile phone a cinema No talking no fishing Guests do not go in No picking of flowers No spitting 2. The new sentence 新句子...

What is that mean翻译过来:那是什么意思

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